Solar water pumping systems are used where electricity or grid power is not available, or the grid is not continious available.

In Solarwater pump systems we se Solar Panels to convert sunlight into electricity to power AC/ DC pumps which can be used to pump water from the Surface or groundwater.

Solar Panels generate DC voltage and then DC voltage is converted to AC voltage by a solar pump controller which is designed upon how much voltage is required for the solar pump. The solar pump has dual mode operation can be operating on electric power at night and solar power at day time. Solar pump Controller has Inbuilt MPPT technology to get maximum power output from the solar Panels and all protection like over voltage, under voltage, reverse polarity, and dry running protection.

System size available from 0.5 H.P TO 10 H.P

Components of solar pump

**solar pv module**

**Mounting Structure**

**VFD or Pump Controller**

**DC Combiner Box**

**DC Cable**

**submersible Pump**

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