Petrol pumps are often situated in outside of the main cities where powercuts are common as well as power or grid is not available. petrol Pumps usually consume a lot of electricity as they have to operate for 24 hours.

Petrol pumps in India often rely on diesel generators which are expensive and do not provide instant back-up. A 10kva generator may take 2 liters of petrol per hour. On the other hand, solar power system comes at half the cost as it provides free solar electricity for 2 decades. Most petrol pumps, who install solar, recover the full cost of solar installation in less than 3 years.

Off-grid solar package is very popular among petrol across pump owners in India. The package consists of Solar PCU, batteries and Solar panels. Batteries store the solar energy generated by PV panels and provide 24 x7 backup to petrol pumps.

Benefits for solar powered Petrol Pump 

  • Subsidy upto 65% of the capital cost is available
  • 2-3 Years payback period
  • Benefit in Income Tax Filling
  • Reduction in Electricity & Diesel cos
  • Green Energy power source & save carbon emission.
  • Uninturrupted continious Power supply for 24 hrs.
  • long life & easy maintainance.

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